Offer tasty snacks & collect payments

Snack Hub is a self-checkout software, designed for offices and co-working spaces.

Build your own snack shop, with full flexibility!

You  select the products and you set the prices.

Accept cash or card payments on Snack Hub!

How it works

Snack Hub works like an online store.
Upload & price your snacks, then collect payments!

1. Fill the fridge

Fill your fridge up with tasty treats.
No fridge? Contact us for a free one!

2. Place the QR code

Our QR code goes on your fridge.
The code is linked to your Snack Hub page.

3. Fridge → Web Shop

Your fridge now sells snacks 7/24/365.
Just keep it full of healthy and tasty stuff!

Tasty features

Accept Cash or Card

We support EveryPay (LHV, SEB), Stripe and Mollie for card payments. Talk to us for other payment solutions.


Give away Snack Hub coupons to your members or employees to show appreciation.

Instant Receipts

After a purchase, we send the sales receipt to the buyer and store a copy. It makes accounting a piece of cake.

Low Stock Alerts

Get a notification from Snack Hub when an item runs out. Keep those chocolate bars in stock. You don't want trouble!

Spot Best-Sellers

See your sales figures to spot your best-sellers. Order smarter based on real data. Export data to excel if you feel nerdy.

Friendly Support

Reach us whenever you need help or have questions. We are here to help you run things as smoothly as possible.

Save tons of time

You have better things to do than selling chocolate bars and fruit juice. Let Snack Hub do that for you!


/ month
Glass jar (cash) payments only
1 Fridge, ∞ Users/Transactions
Accounting, Stocks, Analytics


/ month
Accept card payments
1 Fridge, ∞ Users/Transactions
Accounting, Stocks, Analytics
Custom domain with your logo

More Fridges?

Manage multiple fridges at +€5/mo for each extra fridge.

N.B. Prices shown do not include 20% VAT
† Our free fridge offering is provided by Snack Hub's business partners. Special conditions apply. The offering is only available for Tallinn, Estonia at the moment.

Try it for free

Use Snack Hub for 14-days. At no cost!

We help with onboarding and setup.
No credit cards, no upfront fees.
Contact us to see if you're eligible.
Snack Hub is brought to you by Swiftmade OÜ.

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